Allotment Terms and Conditions

  1. An application placed for an allotment managed by MyAllotment.UK is approved on the condition of strict agreement with the allotment owners terms and conditions for the specific allotment site being applied for.
  2. Whereby the management agrees to let and the Tenant agrees to take the allotment, as of the date of the agreement, each plot on a 12 month minimum term agreement, with option of payment per month or per year, payable in advance, strictly by direct debit from a UK Bank Account.
  3. The plot rental fee is NOT REFUNDABLE and may change each year at a proportionate rent for any part of a year over which the tenancy may extend
  4. The Tenant agrees with the management to observe and perform the conditions and obligations set out below
  5. The Tenant must pay the rent reserved, in advance and without deduction otherwise then allowed by statute on renewal of the tenancy in each year.
  6. To pay a one off security deposit of £100.00 which will be repaid providing the plot is returned by the final day of either the notice period or the last day of the paid rental allotment year period in the same condition as received and anything added has been removed from the site unless by prior agreement in writing has been made
  7. To use the said plot, at the tenant’s own risk, solely as an allotment garden, for growing vegetables, fruit and flowers for personal use and consumption.
  8. The Tenant must not sublet, assign or part with any part of the Allotment without the written consent of the management.
  9. To keep the Allotment clean, free from weeds and well manured and otherwise maintain it in a good state of cultivation and fertility and good condition, and must keep and maintain any surrounding pathways or cart-track included in or abutting on the Allotment in good condition, and control all weeds.
  10. The Tenant must at all times during the tenancy observe and comply fully with all enactments, statutory instruments, local, parochial or other bylaws, orders or regulations affecting the Allotment.
  11. Not to cause any nuisance to any other occupier of an allotment or to obstruct or encroach on any path or roadway set out by the management for the use of the occupiers of the allotments.
  12. Not to use radios or any other devices for playing music or recordings except where personal earphones are used.
  13. The Tenant must not plant any trees or fruit bushes, or any crops requiring more than twelve months to mature, without the written consent of the management. Trees and other substantial plants are not to be planted into the ground without management permission, otherwise please make sure anything with a substantial root system is only planted in suitable planter boxes.
  14. The Tenant must not cut or prune any timber, hedges or trees within the site of allotment gardens or take, sell or carry away from the site any gravel, sand, earth, clay, grass turf or minerals without written consent of the management.
  15. The Tenant must not erect any wall or fence without permission of the management
  16. Not to erect any buildings on the said plot.  Garden tool boxes, compost bins and water butts and other paraphernalia are not permitted without the written permission of the management.
  17. The Tenant must not deposit or allow to be deposited any refuse or decaying matter on the site of the Allotments except manure and compost in such quantities as may reasonably be required for immediate use in cultivation, or place any matter in the hedges, ditches or dykes in the allotment field of which the Allotment forms part or in adjoining land.
  18. When using any sprays or fertilisers, all reasonable care must be taken to ensure that adjoining hedges, trees and crops are not adversely affected, and must make good or replant as necessary should any damage occur.
  19. So far as possible select and use chemicals, whether for spraying, seed  dressing or for any other purpose whatsoever, that will cause the least harm to members of the public, game birds and other wildlife, other than vermin or pests and comply at all times with current regulations.
  20. The Tenant must not keep any pets or livestock within the site of the allotment or to visit the allotment site.
  21. The Tenant must not to burn any rubbish on the allotment plot or within the site of the allotment.
  22. The Tenant must not erect any notices or advertisement within the site of the allotment.
  23. The Tenant agrees that the management shall have the right to refuse admittance to the Allotment to any person, other than the Tenant or a member of his family, unless accompanied by the Tenant or a member of his family.
  24. The Tenant agrees that in any case of dispute between himself and any other occupier of an allotment in the allotment field shall be referred to the management, whose decision shall be final.
  25. The Tenant agrees to inform the management immediately of any change of his address, email and/or mobile phone number.
  26. No vehicle, trailer or any other equipment may be left in any allocated parking area overnight.
  27. The Tenant must yield up the Allotment at the determination of the tenancy created by this agreement in such condition as shall be in compliance with the agreements contained in this agreement.
  28. The Tenant agrees that any officer or agent of the management may enter and inspect the Allotment at any time when so directed by the management.
  29. Each Tenant is required to see that the access gate, (where applicable) to the site is securely fastened after each entry or exit
  30.  The Tenant must observe and perform any special condition the management considers necessary to preserve the Allotment from deterioration of which notice is given in accordance with clause 34 below.
  31. This tenancy shall determine on the next annual rent renewal day after the death of the Tenant.
  32. This tenancy may be determined by either party giving to the other 1 month written notice
  33. The tenancy of the allotment may be determined by re-entry by the management at anytime after giving one months notice in writing in any of the following:
    a. the rent being in arrears of one (1) calendar month whether legally demanded or not; or
    b. the Tenant being in breach of any of the conditions in this agreement
    c. if the Tenant becomes bankrupt or compounds with his creditors
  34. The management reserves the right to clear and tidy any plot which either remains uncultivated or is in an untidy or unacceptable state and will not be responsible for any losses in produce or materials arising from this action.
  35. Any notice required to be given by the management to the Tenant may be signed on behalf of the management by their agent, and may be served on the Tenant either personally or by leaving it as his last known place of abode or by registered letter or letter sent by recorded delivery addressed to him there or by fixing the same in some conspicuous manner on the Allotment, or by notification to the tenants management account in the website MyAllotment.UK
  36. Any notice required to be given by the Tenant to the management shall be sufficiently given if proof of email is provided, or a copy of said notice should be issued via the tenants management account in MyAllotment.UK user dashboard.
  37. Failure to appropriately manage your account including but not limited to failure to keep billing up to date and active may result in an agreement termination and notice to vacate being served on the tenant
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